Note Element

The Note element is used to describe a message, usually about a client or household. This might be additional circumstances or a comment about the next review etc. The note structure in its most complete form looks like the following:

<Note ownerType="household" ownerId="UUID" type="household" isAlert="false" isPrivate="false">
    <Message>The message</Message>

All attributes are optional - except under certain circumstances.

The Message element is required and must be specified if creating a note.

There are several optional elements:


The message element contains the note contents. This can contain XML escaped text and be up to 64KB. HTML is not supported and should not be used within the note. Standard line breaks can be used (\r\n, \n) and will be converted to breaks on display in the portal.

Ensure your text is properly escaped for XML. All non-standard character entities should be XML encoded.


The owner signifies what this note actually belongs to. This is either household or worker and if used, should be followed by the ownerId. The ownerId is the UUID of the Household or Person.

Alert Notes

An alert note is displayed at the top of the Intake pages as a permanent reminder to the intake staff. To make a note an alert, set isAlert="true". Note only true and false in lowercase are permitted.

It is recommended to not set this attribute.

Private Notes

A private note is only visible to workers at the same organization. By default notes are shared. The organization is inherited from the Household or Person that holds the note.

Note Type

The note type is used to indicate where the note is needed. Usually this is not needed however for certain elements, the notes need to be protected e.g.: CSFP. If notes are needed for CSFP, they should have the type set to csfp_food_bank. This will ensure that the note can only be seen by CSFP authorised users.

Generally the type is not needed to be set.

The main note types are as follows:

  • household
  • visit
  • csfp_food_bank
  • school_pantry
  • request_for_assistance