CSFPInfo Element

Link2Feed includes a CSFP management module. This allows tracking of CSFP clients, IDs and other related information. Some of this can be imported by adding the CSFPInfo tag to the Person record.

CSFP is only offered to US customers and must be enabled in your Network settings.

If included, the CSFPInfo element requires the following:

  • Location
  • Status
  • id attribute

The Location is the assigned collection site for the person and must be defined in the list of Organizations. This is the UUID of the organization.

Status is one of: active, inactive, waiting-list or suspended.

The "id" attribute is the actual CSFP ID number currently issued to the Person.

 In addition CSFPInfo has the following optional elements:

  •  EnrollmentDate
  • LastSuspensionDate
  • LastStatusChangeDate
  • Signatories
  • RecertificationLog
  • Notes

Basic CSFPInfo

A basic CSFPInfo has the following structure:

CSFPInfo Element
<CSFPInfo id="...">
    <Location uuid="..."/>


This is the date the Person first enrolled with the CSFP program if known. As with all other dates, it requires a 4 digit year, with month and day with leading zeroes in year, month, day order separated by hyphens: 2015-07-23.


Signatories is the list of people who are authorised to sign on behalf of the client. There can be up to a maximum of 3 entries. The signer requires the full name and an optional PhoneNumber that is a PhoneNumber element.

The following example has two authorised signers, with the second having a phone number:

Signatories Element
        <Name>Sue Smith</Name>
        <PhoneNumber type="work">


The RecertificationLog is a record of all times the Person has been re-certified for eligibility into the CSFP program. The log entries require both:

  • Date and time of recertification, and
  • Signature of the person who signed.

The structure of this element is:

RecertificationLog Element
        <Signature type="signed_canvas">
            <SignatoryFullName>Bob Smith</SignatoryFullName>
            <SignatureString>Bob Smith</SignatureString>
                <Data><!-- a base64 encoded binary string of JPEG data, no examples to hand --></Data>

See Signature Element for details on the signature element.

The recertification Date is a date/time element and expects the date and time in UTC. A timezone offset can be set.