Creator Element

The Creator element allows information about the containing elements creator/updater to be transferred, including the times the record was last modified.

The creator element should not normally be used and is generally reserved for Link2Feed usage as it requires the user/worker be configured on the portal.

The Creator element has the following structure:

Creator Element

CreatedBy / UpdatedBy

CreatedBy / UpdatedBy is either the Workers UUID or email address as defined in the Link2Feed portal and will be mapped to this person.

CreatedAt / UpdatedAt

These are the date/time of the operation: when the record was first created and (optionally) when last updated.

The date format is defined by the XML XSD standard and should be converted to UTC. All date/times are recorded in UTC on the Link2Feed portal, regardless of server location.

The format for the date/time is as follows:


Note the "T" separating the date from the time, this is required. Year must be in 4 digit format, separated by hyphens (-) and month and day must include leading zeroes. The time is expressed in 24 hour format, again with leading zeroes on both minutes and seconds, separated by colons (:).

Timezone Support

While all date/times are stored in UTC, the timezone can be optionally set on any date/time by adding the appropriate offset. Note that this offset will not be daylight savings aware, so you must ensure that your exporting application can correctly set the offset from UTC.

The offset is from UTC!

An example using Eastern Daylight Time (summer time in Ontario):


An example using British Summer Time: