Location Element

Location defined an address and optionally co-ordinates for this address. If a Location element is present, it must contain an Address component. The co-ordinates are optional.

A complete Location element would look like this:

Location Element
    <Address type="residential">
        <AddressLine1>First line of address</AddressLine1>
        <AddressLine2>Optional second line if needed</AddressLine2>
        <Ward>Optional ward/county/voting precinct if being tracked</Ward>

The Address element requires a "type" attribute. The type is one of:

  • residential
  • business

Within the address there are several optional components:


The Ward element is an optional component that represents a voting region. Depending on the country this may be named something different:

  • USA: Ward is the County within a State
  • Canada: Ward is the voting precinct
  • UK: Ward is the voting precinct within a County (State).


The Link2Feed system supports geo-location information that is used both within the reporting system for graphing usage, and during the Intake process to highlight proximity to Agencies to the current client.

If the co-ordinates are known, they can be added to the location. If added BOTH the latitude and longitude must be specified. These are in floating point format and are in the range as follows:

  • Latitude: +/- 0-90 degrees 
  • Longitude: +/- 0-180 degrees

Hours, Minutes and Seconds notation is not supported and should not be used.