How Do I Log in with My Two-Fac Auth Code?


Short for "Two factor authentication code". Adding this code will require all users to type in a secondary password each time they log in from a new device to prevent users from accessing the system outside of permitted locations. Typically,  "Agency Manager"(s) set and are the only ones to know the two factor code. 

If your organization has two-fac auth code enabled, after entering your Link2Feed password to log in, you will be prompted to enter an Agency password. This is the two-factor authentication code. This has to be entered by the Agency Manager or Network Administrator who created this code. Once entered, this code will mark the device as a "trusted device" by storing a cookie on the device. If cookies are cleared, the Agency Manager or Network Administrator will need to re-enter the two-fac auth code. The user can get authorization at the pantry/food bank, but if they try logging in from an untrusted device, they will be prompted again to enter the two-fac auth code.