Departments & Statuses

See below for more information on the departments within the support ticketing system and what each status of your ticket means. 


  • Appointments: this is related to creating appointments or reviewing the appointment list. 
  • Client Intake: this is related to client intake. This includes creating/editing a profile or anything having to do with recording a visit. Remember to check the Clients heading if your inquiry can be answered there. 
  • Client Duplicates: this is related to the inline duplicate feature or the client duplicates list. Remember to check the Client Duplicates heading if your inquiry can be answered there. 
  • CSFP/TEFAP: this is related to creating CSFP/TEFAP visits, the CSFP/TEFAP tab and creating client and kit issuance lists.
  • Export: this is related to running and viewing exports. See Export Feature for more information.
  • Feature Request: this is for any suggested new features or improvements that aren't currently in the system.
  • Non-Link2Feed Related: this is related to any issues with your browser or computer settings
  • Organizations: this is related to any questions you may have about adding/editing/removing organizations. See Organizations heading for more information.
  • Fields/Settings: this is related to changing network fields and settings (e.g. turning entire fields on/off).
  • Program Settings: this is related to managing and configuring programs at the network and agency level
  • Lists:this is related to dropdown lists and options selected when doing client intake. Certain fields can be edited, while others are locked. Remember to check the Lists heading if your inquiry can be answered there. 
  • Provisions: this is applicable to making changes (adding/editing/removing) to food/items provided when recording a visit. This can currently only be done by Link2Feed Support.
  • Reports: this is related to any reports in the system. Remember to check the Reports heading if your inquiry can be answered there. 
  • Users (Adding): this related to adding users and questions about their roles. Remember to check How Do I Add a User? if your inquiry can be answered there. 
  • Users (General): this related to adding/editing/removing users and questions about their roles. Remember to check the Users heading if your inquiry can be answered there. 
  • Users (Password Reset): this is related to unlocking a user or resetting their password.  Remember to check the How Do I Manually Reset a User's Password? heading if your inquiry can be answered there.

Don't worry about selecting the wrong department. Whoever on the support team is assigned your ticket will make any necessary changes. 


  1. Open/New: this is always the first status when you open a ticket. You will get an automatic response of us receiving the ticket, but this status will change as soon as someone from our support staff responds.  

  2. Waiting for Support/On-Hold: Link2Feed is working on your ticket. Whether it's an issue or a task, there is nothing else they need from you and they will keep you updated on the completion/resolution.
  3. Waiting for Customer/Pending: Link2Feed needs more information from you or further clarification before moving forward. 
  4. Resolved/Closed: this ticket has been resolved/closed. You can still respond to the ticket if closed and it will automatically be re-opened and set as "2. In Progress - Link2Feed Support".