Dismissed Duplicates

NOTE: Users will need the Duplicate Checker role in their user profile to access this part of the system. 

Go to Clients. Click on Client Duplicates

By default, you will be taken to the Client Duplicates page. Click on "View Dismissed Client Duplicates".

When viewing the Dismissed Duplicates list, the client that has the most recent (or highest) client ID number was the one that was most recently created. Whoever's name is beside the profile with the highest client ID number is the one who saw the possible duplicate notification and dismissed it.

This list contains duplicates that have been dismissed by users. There are two ways to dismiss a duplicate:

1."Possible Duplicate" Notification

When adding a new client or new household member, if a "Possible Duplicate" notification appears, the user will have the option to view, and confirm if it is or isn't the client they're trying to enter. By clicking on , it gets put on the Dismissed Client Duplicates list and the user will continue to add the client or household member.

2. Client Duplicates Page

On the Client Duplicates page, there's a  icon users click on to dismiss this duplicate and remove it from this list. Once removed, it gets puts on the Dismissed Client Duplicates list. 

If the pair of client profiles on the dismissed list are actually duplicates, click on  beside it and it will be put back on the Client Duplicates list for you to merge them. See How Do I Merge Client Duplicates? for more information on how to merge duplicates.