CSFP Screening

This feature will add a "New CSFP" button beside the "New Client" button.

Clicking on it will bring up a screening tab before going through client intake.

The options in this tab are set by the Network Administrator in their CSFP Program Settings

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • County
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Household Size
  • Household Monthly Income
  • Proxy Signatory
  • Certification/Recertification disclaimer
  • eSignature

If using the first and last name fields, the system will still perform the inline duplicate check to see if that client is already in the system. 

After clicking on "Confirm Eligibility" , the system will tell you if, based on the household income and/or social programs you may have set to be CSFP eligible, the client is eligible for the program or not.

Both the eligible and ineligible scripts can be customized by the network.

Regardless of if the client is eligible or not, you will still be led to go through client intake and complete the profile. All the fields you filled out during screening will already have been filled out. 

If enabled, this button would be shown in all agencies that have a CSFPprogram. This is a decision that would need to be made by a Network Administrator.