2.8 - Client Duplicates

Possible Duplicate Pop Up Appearing AFTER Date of Birth

When creating a new client, currently the system will check for duplicates after the Last Name and First Name fields have been completed. This will sometimes cause the possible duplicate notification to show after the Last Name has been entered. If the user then proceeds to enter the Date of Birth, the pop-up duplicates will appear again. To prevent this, the pop-up duplicate notification will only appear once, showing all of the possible duplicates after the date of birth has been entered. 

Note: the criteria for checking duplicates has NOT changed. All three fields will NOT be required to be a match in order for the possible duplicate notification to appear. 

Merge After Updating Client Profiles

If a user is updating an existing client's profile or household member, if a possible duplicate notification pops up, a "Merge" option will also appear to allow the user to merge the duplicate with the profile they just edited.

If the user clicks on "Merge", a "Merge Options" table will appear indicating the Client ID, First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth of both clients. The user will then have the ability to merge the client profiles on the spot. This merge process works the same way as if the client were merging the two profiles directly from the Client Duplicates list. They are clicking "Merge" on the profile they want to discard.

The user will still be brought to the "Merge Options" page to see what the merged profile will look like before confirming the merge. 

After completing the merge, clicking on "Return to Client" will take them back to the merged client's profile.

Sortable Lists

All columns in the Client Duplicates list can now be sorted. Up/Down arrows will be listed beside each heading so users can sort by a certain column.


In order to easier sort client duplicates, filters will be added to the top of the Client Duplicates list.

  • Location: if at least one of the duplicates were created at that location. This will only show the organizations the person has access to under the "Locations" list in their user profile.
  • Start Date/ End Date: date range of when the client duplicates were added to the Client Duplicates List
  • Number of Matching Criteria: amount of matching fields (first name, last name, date of birth, address), dropdown list starts with 2
  • Household Details: two options - No Visits, No Other Household Members


When using the search box on the Client Duplicates page and Dismissed Duplicates page, you were only able to search for the first name OR last name.

You can now use the "Keywords" text box to search using the same options available in client intake:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • First Last

  • Last, First

  • Partial Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Client ID Number

  • Address Street Name

  • Address Including Street Number

Group by Household

In order to easier manage duplicates, they will now be grouped by household.

If there are more than one household member in the household, the primary client's name will be shown and a collapse/expand button will appear to show other individuals in that household.

If there are no other household members in the household, the button won't show.

Client Duplicates & Dismissed Duplicates List Notification