2.7.2 - Client Intake

Time Format

An option will be available in a user's profile to choose whether they prefer 12h or 24h time format across the entire site

To select a time format:

    • Go to Administration, Users
    • Click on "Intake-Specific"
    • Click on "Edit User" on the right side
    • Go to the Misc tab
    • Select the visit type from the dropdown list
    • Save your changes

The default will be set to 12h format for all users.

Bulk Program Data Entry

Organizations can now customize the list of categories when per program when recording bulk data. This information is still to be restricted to client information (e.g. households, individuals, meals). Any non-client information wanting to be tracked would be an additional cost.

You can remove any of the existing options (Children, Adults, Seniors) and/or add additional fields. 

Additional fields can only be added by Network Administrators in the Lists section under "Bulk Recording Category". They will still be required to contact Link2Feed Support to customize the program setup.

There is a section in the Generic Program Report called "Bulk Recording Categories" where you can report on the new categories.

Bulk Program Records Log

Generic program bulk entries can be filtered by date. The date that's being filtered is the date the entry was created, NOT the "Visit Date" the user entered. These dates may not necessarily be the same all the time.

We have changed the filters to be done by the "Visit Date" instead of the "Created Date". The "Records" column will also be changed to "Total".

Attendance Program

We have added a few improvements to the attendance feature. 

The programs have been moved to the top of the page so the user can first select which program they want to record a visit for.

When selecting the clients who you will be recording a visit to this program for, if you track quantity or provisions, this will now be displayed as well.