2.8 - Client Intake

Client Search - DOB

On the dashboard, when selecting to search by date of birth, a small label will indicate the date's format (YYYY-MM-DD or MM-DD-YYYY depending on your settings).

Review Profile on Next Visit

When reviewing a client's profile, the "Last Profile Review" section doesn't update unless it was a forced profile review. There are also instances where a Network Administrator may notice something in the client's profile that may cause them to want a user to review the profile on the next visit. A new button "Review Profile On Next Visit" has been added. When a user clicks on it, the next profile review date will be set to tomorrow. This allows the user to continue accessing the client profile for that day. It will be in a forced review by the time the client returns.

History of Profile Changes

An Activity tab has been created to show the history of all the changes made to a client's profile. The tab will also include the date the profile was created and when it was last updated. It will appear after the Notes tab.

Changes that would be logged include:

  • First Name (For all HH Members)

  • Last Name (For all HH Members)

  • Date of Birth

  • Marital Status

  • Address (Includes City, State, County, Zip)

  • Housing Type

  • Household members added

  • Household members removed

  • Household members moved

  • Household members linked

  • Income

  • Expenses

To Enable:

  • Go to Administration < Users
  • Click on the orange edit icon beside the name of the user you want to edit
  • Click on "Intake-Specific"
  • Click on "Edit User"
  • Check off the Activity tab
  • Save your changes

Sign on Screen Signature

There is now an "X" and a line on the screen when you select the "Sign on Screen" option when entering a signature for a visit, consent disclaimer or certification/recertification.

Optional Quantity

There is a setting where "Quantity" (lbs or kgs of food) will not be a required field when recording a visit. Food banks have found that some agencies track it, while others don't. Making it optional allows those that do to continue tracking that information. If optional, the user does not have to complete the field before saving the visit.

Note: this option will affect all program types across the network who are tracking quantity. If you are not currently tracking quantity, you will not be affected and no changes will be applied to your site. The option cannot be turned on/off for specific agencies. A Network Administrator will need to request for Link2Feed to make this change. It will not be optional by default.