How Do I Record a Visit Using Barcode Scanning?

For full details on barcode scanning, including how to enable and adding barcode to a client profile, see Barcode Scanning Feature

Searching with Barcode

The Barcode search tab will automatically be visible once a Barcode ID type has been added.

  • Select the Barcode search tab
  • Barcode Scanner: Place mouse in the text box.
    • Scan the client's barcode and you will be brought directly to their profile.
  • Camera Scanner: Click on "Scan Barcode"
    • This will turn on your device camera. Hold the barcode in front of the camera to complete the scan.

Barcode Scanning can ALSO Work with

  • Quick Click
    • Scan the barcode to automatically record the visit


If the profile has a duplicate profile and both profiles have a barcode, when they're merged, both barcodes are kept in the maintained profile.