How Do I Use Referrals Integration?

This feature is only currently available in Canada.
This option needs to be enabled by Link2Feed Admin. A Network Administrator would need to contact Link2Feed Support to enable this option. 

Using referrals integration replaces the "Referred To" section of the new visit page to a 211 referral list.

Location: the zip/postcode will automatically be set to the same one as the agency the user is logged into. The user can change it to any other zip/postcode they'd like

Distance (km):  there is a dropdown list of distance in km (miles for US) and the user can manually enter a distance as well.

Category: this is the list of main 211 categories

Sub-Category:  this is the list of sub-categories based on the category selected

Clicking on the magnifying glass on the right will show a list of options.

  • Check off the service(s) you referred the client to
  • The folder icon on the right will provide you with a printer friendly page of the organization's services. 

Click on "Add Referral" to do another search of another category and sub-category to refer the client to.

If there are no referrals, you can always select "None".