FFC (Food for Change) Tab

Step-by-Step Guide

If your organization is an FFC pantry, you will notice an additional tab in your client intake process other than those mentioned on the How Do I Add a New Client? page. 



This program has additional lists available. A Network Administrator needs to complete these lists before a user can use the FFC tab. See How Do I Add an Item to a List? for more information.


  • In order to see the FFC tab, the user needs to have the "Custom Programs" role checked off in their user profile

The FFC tab can be found between Dietary Considerations and Services. Although your client may access FFC services, if the organization you're logged into doesn't have the FFC Worker role or FFC program enabled, you will not have access to view or edit this tab. 


FFC ID: Client's Food for Change ID 

Enrollment Date: Date client was enrolled in the Food for Change program

Partner: dropdown list of partners

Program: dropdown list of  programs

Type: dropdown list of types

Status: dropdown list of statuses

Last status change date: most recent date the status was changed. This is automatic and cannot be edited.

Substitute Shopper Name: name of proxy 

Click on the "Save"  button to save changes or "Cancel"  to discard the changes.

Drop Down List

If you have a drop-down list with several options, you can use the search bar at the top of the list to type in the first few letters of the word(s) you're looking for. This will narrow down your options and help you to sooner find the list item.