Caseload Feature

If using the appointment module, you can set your own caseload by weight or time. This is something done at program settings level. See How Do I Configure Appointments for My Agency Program?

How Do I Find Appointments?

When recording a new appointment, you can search for open/available appointments by location using the Appointment Finder.

You can search between a start and end date or leave it blank to see all available appointments. 

The dropdown list will generate a list. 

 The number in brackets indicates how many appointments can be set at that date and time.

You can also click on "See More" to see the full list in a table. 

Click on the appointment from the dropdown list or click on "Select"  to choose the pick update and time. 


If you try to add an appointment to a day and time that is already at its capacity, a pop up will appear notifying you, but will allow you to add the appointment anyway.  This is a setting that can be changed to force the caseload restrictions to be enforced.  When this setting is on, workers will not be able to create appointments over caseload limit.

Continue the rest of the appointment details as usual. See Appointment Feature for more information on how to add an appointment.


Statuses that are "Rescheduled", "Not Collected" and "Cancelled" will not count towards the caseload capacity for that time period.