How Do You Perform an Assessment?

Search for the desired client.  Click on that client's "Assess" tab.

Why Don't I See The Assess Tab?

If you cannot see the Assess tab, you might not have permissions to perform assessments.  See How Do I Get Access To The Assessment Feature?

Click on the "New Assessment"  button to see a list of available assessments.

Select the assessment you wish to begin.

  • Schedule Assessment: Select a date for this assessment to be taken.
  • Take Now: Begin the selected assessment now

Once the assessment begins, the user can answer the questions in the assessment.  Click on the "Save" button to save and review your changes or "Cancel" to discard them. 

When you save your answers, you will be able to review them.  This will let you evaluate scores for any Single Choice and Multiple Choice questions.  If you are using section totals, these scores will be divided by section.

  • Once these answers have been reviewed, you can click "Edit"  to make changes to your answers.
  • Clicking on "Complete"  confirms your answers.
  • The delete button cancels the assessment you just filled out.

Example: If you had 3 scheduled assessments a month apart starting on September 3rd.

03-09-2019 current

If you started 03-09-2019 and got to the end screen with complete/delete and clicked the delete, then the scheduled assessment for 03-09-2019 would be cancelled, you would have to then wait until 03-10-2019. You would not be able to do 03-09-2019 again.

Locking Assessments

As soon as the first client takes an assessment, that assessment becomes locked.  It can no longer have questions or sections added or edited.  It can still be assigned to new assessment runs.

A Note on Modifying Scheduled Assessments

Assessments are initially scheduled to respect all framework interval rules (days between assessments), however these rules are not enforced if a user changes the date of an existing assessment. If a cycle has 3 scheduled assessments and a user reschedules the date of the second assessment, the date of the first and third assessment will not be automatically changed to respect the interval specified in the framework.

Modifying scheduled dates may be necessary for any number of reasons, but the system can not make an informed assumption about what needs to be done with secondary dates in the cycle as a result of that change. The reason for making that change rests with the user who conducted the update, and as such the responsibility for adjusting any other schedules rests with them. Take care when modifying scheduled assessment dates to ensure the integrity of your scheduling system.