How Do I Record a Visit Using Quick Click?

QuickClick allows users to record visits just by clicking on a client’s name after selecting them from a search on the Dashboard page!

This info is purely to record QUICK visits. If a user had to enter quantity (lbs, kgs provided), check off any provisions (Foods Provided, Items/Services Provided) or referrals (Referred To field), this feature is not applicable. Using the preferred visit tab feature is recommended.

How to Enable

Similarly to the attendance feature, this feature will need to be enabled at both the organization and user level.

Organization Permission

  • Go to Administration, Organizations
  • Click on the orange edit icon beside the organization
  • Click on the Intake Settings tab
  • Under “Intake Options”, toggle "Quick Click" on
  • Save your changes

User Permission

  • Go to Administration, Users
  • Click on the orange edit icon beside the user you wish to enable the feature for
  • Click on "Intake-Specific" on the right hand side
  • Check off "Quick Click” under "Additional Permissions"
  • Save your changes
  • Select the page or visit type from the dropdown list
  • Save your changes

A user can only see the Quick Click bar on the Dashboard if it's enabled in BOTH their user profile and the organization profile they are logged into.

How to Use

Toggle the switch on the Quick Click banner to "On".

Toggle “ON” any program(s) (you can select more than one at a time) and search for a client.

Search for a client’s name, and when you click on it, the visit type(s) you have selected will automatically be recorded in the client’s profile.

If the program you're recording a visit for requires a signature, the system will prompt you to record a signature for each visit type that needs it .

A Quick Click Visits history will appear below the search bar.

You can edit/delete the visit just like you would be able to from the Services page.