How Do I Manage My Organization Tags?

Step-by-Step Guide

Organization tags give networks the ability to tag agencies with a custom tag created by them that they can then report on. Tags can be added in the similar way of any list item. You can find "Organization Tags" under the Lists section. See How Do I Add an Item to a List? for instructions of how to add an item to a list. 

After adding tags, you will then need to tag your agencies.

Go to Administration, Organizations. 

Click on the "edit" icon beside the name of the organization you want to tag.

Click on "Edit Organization" on the right. 

Start typing the name of the organization tag(s) you want associated with the agency and save your changes.

When running any of the following reports, you will be able to click on your custom tag to be able to report on agencies you've added that tag to. This will be INSTEAD of reporting on specific organizations, not IN ADDITION to.

  • Generic Program Report