How Do I Use a Time Series Report?

Changes to data points over increments of time.

Step-by-Step Guide

See Report Setup Foundations for information on basic setup steps for all reports.

Time Increment 

Choose one increment of time to display data over (by day, by week, by month or by year).

Report Sections

Choose the report section(s) you want to report on.

  • Click on the "Create Report" button.


  • Your report will be found in your "Report Inbox".

  • When in the report, will show a "Report Contents" section on the left-hand navigation. Clicking on a section will allow jumping between sections.

Review Report Basics for information on what "Unique" and "Duplicated" mean.

For food banks with only ONE location:

  • When reporting on any of the “New vs. Existing” options, the system will consider the client to be “new” only based on visits to that one agency being reported on.

  • This means it will NOT use the date in the "First Food Bank Visit" section on the Personal tab of the client's profile.

Daily Chart

Weekly Chart

Monthly Chart

Yearly Chart

Hovering over a specific point will provide the exact stats for sections at that point.

Similar to the Interactive Report, lines can be removed from the chart by deselecting a list item. The total on the axis on the left side will be adjusted.

Click on the "Print View"  button at the top of the page to see the printer-friendly version to print the entire report.