Export Feature

The export feature is assigned to Network Administrators only, although the role can be assigned to Users at other levels.  The Export feature allows you select the fields you want to export for clients and visits between specific dates. You can also select the active organization(s) and programs to export from. Deactivated organizations aren’t visible in the export.

Visit Export

The settings chosen in the setup process including fields, filters, organizations, program types and dates are used to produce a spreadsheet available in either CSV or XLSX format. The spreadsheet includes one row per visit, with each column representing a single datapoint about that visit. For example if John Doe visited on Dec 21, 2019 a row in the spreadsheet would represent that visit and include important details selected during the setup process including options like the organization that John visited, his name and age if selected, any provisions he was assigned, and other data points as selected in the setup options.

Step-by-Step Guide         

Go to the Administration heading. Click "Exports".

Click "New Export"

Click on “Create Export” within the Visit Export section.

Agree to the disclaimer by checking off the checkbox.

  • Select the start and end dates.

  • Check off the organization(s) and program type(s) that you want to export data from.

  • Check off the fields within the main sections (Main Client, Address Information, Household, Visit Information and Household Members) that you to want to export data from.

  • There are filters on the right column to allow you to filter your results before exporting them

  • Some like Age and Date of Birth allow you to select a range

  • Others like Ethnicity and Expense Type allow you to toggle between “Any” and “All” and select specific types in that list

  • Clicking on “Estimated Results” will give you an estimate of how many entries to expect in your export

  • If you would like to save this template for future exports, click on “Save Template” . This template can be found in the “Your Export Templates” on the Exports page. You will be able to recover the template, make any changes to the saved criteria and export the fields selected.

  • Click on "Export".

  • You will be brought back to the Exports page with a notification that your data is being generated.

  • Refresh your page until you see a green checkmark indicating that the export is complete.

  • When the export is ready, click on the "View" icon

  • Click on "Download CSV" or "Download ZIP" depending on the file format you need.

Bulk & Anonymous

The visit export does not include bulk entries.

The visit export does include anonymous visits, but no client information (because it wasn't recorded).

For users who are looking to break down certain columns that contain commas even more, see the link below:


For a list of all fields, see our page on: Export Fields

Survey Export

In the survey export, you may notice that some responses have a numeric value. This is so it can be easily tallied and imported into statistical software. See the chart below for the answer type and the equivalent value in the export.

Question/Answer Type


Value in Export

Question/Answer Type


Value in Export






Likert Scale

Strongly Disagree








Strongly Agree


Single Choice


Selected choices as it is

Multiple Choices


Selected choices as it is

Rating Scale

Rating Number

Selected choices as it is (e.g. if user selects 5 in survey then same is displayed in export)

  • If the user declines the survey then 8888 value is shown in export.

  • If the answer is missing then 9999 value is shown in export.