How Do I Create a Social Service Follow-Up List? (US Only)

This list creates a general list of client information, including their name, status and renewal information.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Click on the "Clients" heading. Click on "Social Service Follow Ups". 

  2. The list will automatically appear, but you can also filter by the following:
    1. Status: the status of client's application
    2. Renewal within: amount of days in increments of 10 of when the renewal is due
    3. Username: name of the user who created the application
  3. You can also define which columns you want listed.

       4. Each column can be filtered

After generating the list, you can use the Tools options in the "Filters" section to copy it, download it as a CSV or print it. 

If the application has been "Approved" or "Denied", you can just view it by clicking on the blue folder  icon.

For any other status, you can both view and edit  the application.