SNAP Module

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Click on the "Services"  page within your client's profile. See How Do I Search for Clients? to learn how to find your client's file. 

  2. Click on the "New SNAP Application"  button to add a visit. 

Enter the visit date.

  • Program: specify which program(s) the client applied for during their visit. 
  • Location: automatically set to the location the user is logged into. This can be changed manually and should be the location where the SNAP application was done.
    • A setting is available to either have this list display the list of organizations in the system or it can be a custom list set up by Network Administrators.
  • Source: how the client was referred to the program
  • Type of Application: select if this is the first time the client is applying for SNAP or if this application is to recertify their status. 
  • Service: select whether or not you are providing application assistance/portal assistance or conducting a full interview for the client's benefits. 
  • Form Type: specify how the application form was completed
  • Status: select the status of the application from the dropdown list.
    • Approved, Denied and Submitted are locked statuses for SNAP. To add additional statuses for the SNAP program, go to the Lists page under the Administration menu for Network Administrators to manage. 
    • A program can only be selected if the status is NOT Accepted, Denied or Submitted. These are locked statuses. If the visit is set to any other status, you can check off program(s) the client is applying to. The workflow is to first choose the program(s) the client is applying to. 
  • Notes: enter any applicable notes about this visit. 


You can find blue question marks at the top of certain sections. Clicking on it will provide more information on how to complete the area you are filling out.