How Do I Remove/Unlink a Household Member?

Removing a household member DOES NOT delete them from the system. Clients cannot be removed from the system for data integrity purposes. Removing them from a household separates them from the one they're in and creates a new household for them.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Refer to How Do I Search for Clients? to see two ways how to search for a client.
    You'll want to search for another person in the household of the person you want to delete. For example, if Bill and Sue live together and you want to delete Sue, go to Bill's profile.
  2. Go to the Personal page of the client's profile.

      4.  Go down to the "Household Members" section.

    5.   Click on the "trash"  icon beside the household member's name to remove it. 

    6.  A notification will appear asking you to confirm if you'd like to remove this member from the household. It also clarifies that the member is not being deleted, but put into a new household. 

When someone is removed from the household, a notification will appear on the Services page of their new household, indicating the most recent date of their visit in their previous household. All their visits from their previous household are still in the system, but not visible.