How Do I Set a Forced Profile Review for All Clients?

Network Organization

This can be managed by network administrators. See How Do I Manage My Network Settings?

Changing the review period uses the new value going forward and doesn’t bring clients out of profile review if they were needing the review before the review period was extended.Those in profile review prior to the change will still need to have their profile reviewed, after the review they will not require another profile review until the new review date.

Step-by-Step Guide 

When accessing a client’s Personal" tab within their profile, there will be a notification on the top of the page stating "Profile Review Required - Please review this client's information.”

The pages of the profile will look as if it is a new client, with the tabs numbered at the top.


Click on the “Edit”icon to edit a household member’s information. Click on “Done”to save your changes.

Review all fields with the client on the "Personal" page, updating as necessary. Click on the "Save & Next"button when you are complete. You will only be able to move on to the next tab if the page is successfully saved. If there are no changes, still click on the “Save & Next”button at the bottom of the page.

  • Repeat for the "Profile", "Monthly Income" and "Dietary Considerations" pages.

When all pages have been completed, you will be able to record a visit as normal. The clients "Next Profile Review" will update to the next date a review will be required.

Remember to request to reset your "Forced Profile Review" time period in your organization's settings back to whatever it was before. Otherwise, your clients' profiles will be in constant review.