2.12.2 Quick Release Rollout: Anonymous Visit List

Improvements published in the 2.12.2 Anonymous Visit Rollout Release include the addition of a new feature to view all Anonymous Visits. These improvements will help Agency Managers and above to get an overview and make changes to Anonymous Visits for their agencies.

These updates will be launched on the test site and simultaneously pushed to the live site on Thursday, October 13th.

Network Admins may request further assistance or report an issue following this release by submitting a ticket.

What’s Changed:

  1. View Anonymous Visits
    Agency Managers and above will be able to view all anonymous visits recorded at the agency under Anonymous Visits.

2. Edit Anonymous Visits
Agency Managers and above will be able to edit anonymous visits for their agencies.

3. Delete Anonymous Visits
Anonymous visits can be deleted by Agency Managers and above for their respective agencies.

For additional support and information you can refer the support documentation:

Future Improvements on the way for Anonymous Visits

  1. Showing date of last edit made to the anonymous visits to avoid backdating

  2. Delete button warnings popups and alerts

  3. CSV and PDF exports of anonymous visit lists

  4. Search functionality

  5. Editing regulation timings for agency managers

  6. Viewing past notes while editing anonymous visits

  7. Access restriction for deleting anonymous visits