2.12.1 Quick Release Rollout: Admin Fixes


Improvements published in the 2.12.1 Admin Fixes Rollout Release include the addition of a new feature to the Assigned Organization page and under the hood changes to the Program Settings area of the Administration panel. These improvements will help Network Admins avoid making mistakes in assigning active agencies to it’s users.

These updates will be launched on the test site and simultaneously pushed to the live site on Monday, July 25th.

Network Admins may request further assistance or report an issue following this release by submitting a ticket.

What’s Changed:

  1. Addition of Select All and Deselect All buttons for active assigned organizations

  • The Select All and Deselect All buttons will help Network Admins avoid accidentally setting up auto-assign for agencies

In the top right-hand corner of the page you will see an option to select the Per Page count. Selecting “All” here will allow you to apply changes to all agencies vs. just those displayed on the first page.



2. Reconfiguration of the display of Program Settings at the Agency level

  • Network admins can now see all network programs under the agency’s Programs List.

  • Agency managers will only see programs assigned to their agency in their agency’s Program List.

  • Agency managers will only be able to edit details for programs active at their agency.


For additional context and screenshots, please review these updated User Manual pages: