2.9.6 Quick Release Rollout: Kid’s Café Bulk Download and Duplicate Merge Edit History

Link2Feed has updated the Kid’s Café software so that sponsors will now be able to bulk download meal service logs and view merged duplicate records in the edit log.  

If you would like to request further assistance or report an issue following this release, please reach out to us by submitting a ticket.

What’s Changed:

  • New system-generated message shows all edit history for merged duplicates on meal service logs

  • New feature enables the mass export of meal service logs in both PDF and XLSX formats

  • New PDF Export button creates a downloaded PDF version of organization meal service logs

Enhancements & Resolved Issues:

  1. Edit History for Merged Duplicates

  • In the "Edit Notes" section of a meal service summary – and the corresponding download – sponsors will now see a system-generated message that identifies when a duplicate has been merged on a meal service. This message will read as:

“Participant [First Name Last Name] [Participant ID], was merged into [First Name Last Name] [Participant ID] on [date] by [user].”

  • Resolved Issue: Sponsors can now see a detailed edit history of any merged duplicates, including the client’s first and last name, client ID, details of the duplicate match, merge date and user who performed the merge.

 2. Mass Meal Service Log Download

  • On the Network Meal Service Log Dashboard (only visible at the Network level), there is now a PDF button and an XLSX button next to “Export” and “Filter”.

  • Resolved Issue: Sponsors can now complete bulk downloads of their Meal Service Logs in PDF and XLSX formats, which include participant details, signature, etc. The logs will download based on the filters set for the Meal Service Log, and they will be available as a Zip file in a new section called Administration > Downloads.

3. PDF Export of Organization Meal Service Log

  • In the Network Meal Service Log, we’ve added a new PDF button to export data in a PDF file beside the Excel Export button.

  • Resolved Issue: Sponsors will now have the option to export organization meal service logs in both PDF and XLSX formats. 


For more information on these updates, check out the following user manual pages:

These updates will go live on both the test and live sites on Tuesday, January 18th.