Link2Feed Quick Release Rollout: Updated Duplicate Matching Criteria

Link2Feed has updated the matching fields for client duplicates so that the system can identify other common criteria for a possible duplicate (first name, last name, a DOB field and address line 1). A detailed breakdown of the updated matching criteria and instructions on how to manage a “Possible Duplicate” pop-up can be found here: How Do I Manage a “Possible Duplicate” Pop-Up?.

If you would like to request further assistance or report an issue following this release, please reach out to us by submitting a ticket.

What’s Changed:

  • Duplicates will now be matched based on 3 of the 4 criteria including first name, last name, a DOB field, and address line 1.

Enhancements & Resolved Issues:


If 3/4 of the following fields are an exact match, the system will flag a possible duplicate:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • A DOB Field (One of the following counts as a match)

    • DOB: YYYY-MM

    • DOB: MM-DD

    • DOB: YYYY-DD

  • Address Line 1

Independent of the criteria above, duplicates will also appear if an exact match is found on email address. The duplicate pop-up will not appear if the email address matches are for people residing in the same household (to account for cases where household members share emails).

Resolved item: Having more matching fields in the criteria will reduce the number of possible matches and improve the quality of positive duplicates.

These updated matching criteria will be launched on the test site and simultaneously pushed to the live site on Monday, December 6th.

For more information on these updates, watch our instructional YouTube video: