How Do I Use a Survey: Non-Response Report?

Frequencies of clients declining to respond to surveys during the reporting period.

Step-by-Step Guide

See Report Setup Foundations for information on basic setup steps for all reports.

  • Click on the "Create Report"  button.
  • Your report will be found in your "Report Inbox".

Survey: Non-Response Report 

This report will show results by agency/organization and by user who administered the report.

  • The light blue heading represents the section heading.
  • The dark blue heading displays the description of the section. 
  • The organizations selected appear on the leftmost column and the totals for each are listed in the next column. 
  • The rightmost column will be the total of all columns combined.

Clicking on the "Tools"  button on the right side of each section will reveal other options 

  • Copy: This copies the table contents to your computer's clipboard.
  • CSV: This exports the table into a CSV file, generally viewed with Microsoft Excel,
  • PDF: This exports the table into a PDF.
  • Print: This presents a printer-friendly version of the table (press "Esc" on your keyboard to return to the report).

Clicking on "Enable Scrolling"  will allow you to scroll to the right if there are more items in the table that are not currently in view.

Bar Graph


Clicking on the "Convert to PNG"   button will allow you to save this graph as a PNG (image) file onto your device.

Donut Chart

Similar to the Statistics Report, variables can be removed from the donut chart by deselecting a list item. The percentages will re-adjust automatically to still represent a total of 100%.

Clicking on the "Convert to PNG"   button will allow you to save this graph as a PNG (image) file onto your device.

Click on the "Print View"  button at the top of the page to see the printer-friendly version to print the entire report.