Custom Import Tool

This feature allows users to upload a file to later be imported into the Link2Feed system or data repository.

Regular Import vs Custom Import

Regular imports are preferred for one-time imports, especially when setting up a new agency with existing client data. The custom import is preferred when managing external sites with no Link2Feed access or for tracking external visits over a period of time.

Link2Feed is not responsible for the integrity of the data coming in to the system.

Importing Visits

It is possible to import visits to existing clients using this tool. This can be used for backdating visits as well. You are able to import visits for any pantry program (including TEFAP and CSFP) and any generic program.

Importing Clients

Client details can be imported through the custom import tool. This can both be used to create new clients and to update existing clients in the system. For a client to be updated, they must have been previously imported or merged with an imported client, and have an external client ID that matches the previous import.

An external ID is the ID that is being used to track clients outside of Link2Feed. It is not the Link2Feed Client ID. These are unique identifiers that differentiate one client from another.

Importing Clients Data Securely

All staff granted the “Importer” user permission can only see:

  • Imports created at the Organizations they have access to

  • Import source options for the Organizations they have access to

  • Import templates created by other users at the Organizations they have access to