How Do I Enable Auto Assign?

Auto Assign is best used for users who manage the same program at several different agencies. This process automatically assigns both the program and agency to a user.
The list under this section is the program type, not the program name. All programs with that program type with be assigned to the user.

  • This feature is a network setting available on the Network Settings tab when logged into the network organization

  • When enabled, it will display an "Auto Assign" section (see image at bottom of the page) on the first page of a user's profile

  • This section will only be visible to Network Administrators and Network Managers for their own profiles and any other user profiles they have access to manage.

  • Users who don't have the Network Administrator or Network Manager role will not see this section in their user profile, but this does not mean that it has not been enabled for them by a user who can see it.


  1. Make sure you’re logged into the network organization.

  2. Go to Administration, Organizations.

  3. Click on the Intake Settings tab.

Select “On” in the Auto-Assign Users section.

This will display the Auto-Assign section in user profiles.

This is a network setting; when enabled, it will be applied to all user profiles across the network.