How Do I Add a Note?

Step-by-Step Guide

Click on the "Clients" heading. Click on "Client Search".

Go to the Notes tab of the client's profile. 


This page allows you to add a new note to the household's profile.

  • Click on the "Add a Note"  button to create a new note.

  • Type your note.
  • Check off the checkbox beside "Mark this note as an alert" to set the note as urgent. This will display the note on the top of each page of the client's profile.
  • Checking off "Mark this note as private" will restrict the note to be seen only be users within your organization.
  • Click on the "Save"  button to save changes or "Cancel"  to discard the changes.

On the Notes page:

  • Information will show indicating who wrote the note and when
  • Edit: allows you to edit the note, including the text and alert status
  • Delete: allows you to delete the note
  • the "!" notification shows that the note has an alert status
  • Any notes entered by a user within your distribution network can now be edited or deleted by any other user within your distribution network.


The "Notes" feature can also be found at the bottom of the page when adding a visit. You can add a note and set it as an alert status in the same way as a regular note. These notes will appear on the Notes page.