eSignature Devices - ScripTouch ST1500/1550

ST1500 will no longer be available for purchase as of 2019. For other eSignature device options, see our Signature Tools page.


Go to the link below to install your software driver.

Click on your device's operating system from the three options shown.

Scroll down to the bottom to install the ScripTouch OmniScript

Click on "Download Now"  .

After the download has been completed, click on the downloaded driver. This may be in your Downloads folder or at the bottom of your browser window, depending on your operating system.

The InstallShield Wizard will appear to take you through steps to installing the driver.

Click "Next". 

 Accept the terms in the license agreement. Click "Next" 

 The customer information doesn't have to be the User Name of the particular owner of the device. A general name will be fine. Enter the name of your organization as well. Click "Next" 

 Choose the "Complete" setup. Click "Next" 

 Click "Install"  to begin the installation

  Click on "Finish" to exit the InstallSheild Wizard after it has installed ScripTouch Sign and Save.


A notification may appear on your screen trying to stop the signature pad from connecting with recording eSignatures in Link2Feed. Accept Link2Feed as an exception once and the notification won't appear again

You will know your device is connected when the signature area shrinks to the same dimensions of the eSignature device. See below for the difference.

NOT using eSignature DeviceUsing eSignature Device



Do not have your Link2Feed portal open while configuring your eSignature device. Make sure the system isn't open when you go to the site below.

You can make changes to the appearance of the screen (e.g. removing the OK or Cancel button) by going to https://localhost:8443

Click on the name of your device (ScripTouch ST1500) underneath the Server Browser section.

The top middle image displays what your screen should currently look like. Click on the last tab, "Regions".


Region Number 3 controls the "OK" button. Region Number 4 controls the "Cancel" button.

  • Has Frame: put a border around the text
  • Visible: hide the button's visibility
  • Caption: text of what you want the button to say
  • Clear on Select: when the button is pressed, erase the signature
  • Confirm on Select: when the button is pressed, accept the signature
  • Highlight on Select: highlight the button when selected
  • Coordinates: where on the screen should the button be located

Click on "Save to Device"  to save your changes.


  • Both OK and Cancel buttons are enabled
  • Clicking on the "OK" button on the pad will confirm the signature has been sent to the screen. The pad will be blank again, awaiting the next signature.
  • Clicking on the "Cancel" button on the pad will clear the signature on the pad and the signature on the screen so the client can try again.

Why does the signature pad work on some pages but not others?

When using the ScripTouch ST1500, it is important to only have one Link2Feed signature page open.  If you have more than one signature page open, the ScripTouch will detect the first signature area that was opened (NOT the page that is currently open).  This can cause it to appear to be working on some pages but not others.  If this happens, you will need to navigate away from the page that is working and reload the page that you want the signature to appear on.