How Do I Create a Christmas Packing List?

This list creates a general breakdown of how many hampers of each type/size were distributed by each organization. For a list including client household information and dates of pick ups, please see How Do I Create an Appointments List?.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Click on the "Clients" heading. Click on "Appointment Packing List". 

  2. Choose your filter(s):
    1. Location: the location where the clients will be picking up their provisions
    2. Status: the status of the appointment; "Any" includes all statuses
    3. Start Date/End Date: the date range of when provisions are to be picked up
  3. Click on the "Filter"  button to generate the packing list.


  • Click on the "Copy" button to copy the list.
  • Click on the "CSV"  button to download a CSV file of the list.
  • Click on the "Print"    button on the Filters heading to print the packing list.