How Do I Create a Christmas Pick Up List?

This list creates a detailed list of client information, including the household size, pick up date and provisions. For a general breakdown of how many hampers of each size/type were distributed by each organization, please see How do I create a PACKING list?.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Click on the "Clients" heading. Click on "Appointments List". 

  2. Choose your filter(s):

    1. Location: the location where the clients will be picking up their provisions

    2. Status: the status of the appointment; "Any" includes all statuses

    3. Start Date/End Date: the date range of when provisions are to be picked up

  3. Click on the "Filter"  button to generate the pick up list.

     4. Click on the "Folder"  icon to view more details about the appointment.

  • Click on the "Copy" button to copy the list.
  • Click on the "CSV"  button to download a CSV file of the list.
  • Click on the "Print"    button on the Filters heading to print the list.

Bulk Changing Statuses

Users can update multiple appointment statuses at once. By selecting one status, users can check off several appointments and update them with one click. If changing the appointment status to "Collected" and the appointment requires a signature, the system will show a pop-up notification to still capture that signature for that client.