How Do I Create a Christmas Appointment?

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Click on the "Services"  page within your client's profile. See How Do I Search for Clients? to learn how to find your client's file. If the client is not in your system because they usually only get a Christmas hamper, add them as a new client. See How Do I Add a New Client? for more details.

  2. Click on the "New Christmas Program"  button to schedule an appointment. 

  • Pick Up Date: this can be changed manually if the pick up or delivery date will be at a future date. 
  • Pick Up Time: can be added upon request; the time of the appointment
  • Location: automatically set to the location the client last received food from the user. This can be manually changed if the pick up or delivery location is another one within the network.
  • Status: automatically set to "Pending". This can be changed during the different stages of hamper creation. Other statuses include "Packed", "Shipped" "Collected", "Not Collected", "Rescheduled" and "Cancelled".
  • Quantity: enter the unit of measurement of how much food supplied was given out. This word can vary from "days", "lbs", "kgs", "money" "points", "hampers" or "items". 
  • What were the reasons for this visit? Check off all that apply. This can also be removed for this particular program.

  • Who from the household is receiving services for this visit? All names are checked off by default, but you can uncheck any that do not apply. 
  • Food Provided: Check off all that apply. This can also be
  • Items Provided: Check off all that apply.

Food and Items Provided can also be displayed in the manner below

  • Enter how many types of each hamper were distributed
  • The yellow shopping cart in the heading will indicate how many hampers in total have been provided 

  • Referrals: Check off all that apply. This can also be removed for this particular 

  • Additional Notes/Information: Enter any notes applicable to today's visit. To indicate the note as urgent, check off the "Alert" box below the Notes area. . You can also select "Mark this note as private" to only be shown to your organization  If you are a CSFP worker (US only), the notes you make will only be visible by other CSFP workers. 
  • Click on the "Save"  button to save changes or "Cancel"  to discard the changes.

Select All/None

Click on the "Select All" or "Select None" button to select or deselect all options in a list more effectively.


You may not necessarily view all of these options when recording a visit. These fields are set at the administrative level. If you have any interest in collecting any of this information, please contact your food bank administrator.

This type of visit is used to schedule a visit or delivery that will occur in the future, setting the status as "Pending". It will allow you to create an appointment. This will not be saved as an actual visit unless the status of the appointment has been changed to confirm the provisions were picked up. This status change should be to "Collected".