What if I Can’t Find a Pair of Duplicates I Know Exists?

The system does not search for duplicates within households. If a duplicate pair exists between individuals who are within the same household, remove one household member. The system will then identify it as a duplicate and it will appear on the Client Duplicates list.

NOTE: Users will need the Duplicate Checker role in their user profile to access this part of the system. 

If you are sure that the client has at least three of the same fields matching that the Client Duplicates list catches, and you cannot find it on the Client Duplicates list, it’s possible a “Possible Duplicate” popped up for this pair on intake and someone had clicked on “Dismiss”.

Click on “View Dismissed Client Duplicates” at the top of your Client Duplicates list.


Use the Search to see if the pair of duplicates you’re looking for is on this list. Once found, click on the "Un-dismiss"   button to move the pair of duplicates back to the Client Duplicates page. You can then merge the two files using the instructions in How Do I Merge Client Duplicates?.

NOTE: You may have to search for them again on the “Client Duplicates” list if they don’t appear on the first page.