How Do I Manage a "Possible Duplicate" Pop-Up?

A "Possible Duplicate" notification may appear on your screen when you’re attempting to add a new client or new household member. The notification is letting you know that this person may already be in the Link2Feed system.

The following criteria matches for a client record will create a “Possible Duplicate” pop-up on intake after the date of birth has been entered:

Duplicates are matched based on 3 of the 4 criteria including:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • A Date of Birth Field (One of the following counts as a match)

    • DOB: YYYY-MM

    • DOB: MM-DD

    • DOB: YYYY-DD

  • Address Line 1

Independent of the criteria above, duplicates will also appear if an exact match is found on email address. The duplicate pop-up will not appear if the email address matches are for people residing in the same household (to account for cases where household members share emails).

The system finds possible matches for all INDIVIDUALS in the system regardless of their age and if they were added on another profile as a primary client or a household member

 Click on "See More" to see a small preview of the possible duplicate’s information.

NOTE: The last visit date for a semi-restricted network is based on worker's program permissions. If a worker has access to only two programs in the entire network, it will show the last visit from only those two programs. 

The system will ask if this is the client you're looking for. “Yes” will take you to that possible duplicate’s profile. “No” will take you back to the profile you were creating. “View” will you show you a more detailed profile of the possible duplicate if you need more information to verify.

What To Do If Updating A Client

When you are editing an existing client, that client might be a duplicate.  In this case, a merge button will appear in addition to the options above.  Clicking on this button will bring you to a page where you can choose which profile to maintain.

"Possible Duplicate" Pop Up Adding Household Members

The same steps apply as above, except after you click on "Yes" that this is the client you're looking for, you will need to select if you want to "Link" or "Move" the individual into the household. 

After selecting your option, the system will ask you to select a relationship between the individual you're adding and the client's profile you are in.