New Link2Feed Users FAQ

Welcome to the Link2Feed Community! Please review the common questions below prior to the first meeting with your Implementation Specialist.


Will I need to download any software to my computer to use Link2Feed?

No. Link2Feed is a web-based service, so you can access from any computer, tablet, or smart phone with a compatible browser. You can learn more about minimum hardware requirements here:

Which web browsers are compatible with Link2Feed?

Google Chrome (up to date), Opera (up to date), Mozilla Firefox (up to date), Safari (up to date / OS X only) NOTE: Safari is the recommended browser if using an Apple device (iPad, iPhone, etc).

How many user accounts can my organization have?

You can create an unlimited number of user accounts. It is highly recommended to create a unique user account for each individual, rather than creating one user account and sharing it amongst a group of people.

Is the system available without internet?

The system is web-based, but you can backdate individual visits or do a bulk visit entry using the Attendance feature.


Can I customize fields or create my own questions?

You can enable or disable fields in Link2Feed with the exception of First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth (which you can indicate is estimated if client doesn’t know), Address (can indicate “undisclosed”) and Relationship between household members (can indicate “undisclosed”). You cannot add customized fields/questions. You can learn more here: or use the guidance of the Implementation Specialist or Support to help you find the appropriate location for your preferred fields.

How do I customize the options that appear for each field?

Users with the Network Administrator role can customize these in the “Lists” section.

Can I track multiple programs?

Each program you offer would be setup as a program button on the “Services” tab. You would select the button for the program(s) that your clients are visiting that day. The standard package includes 3 programs and the premium package includes unlimited program buttons.


Can I import my client data from another system into Link2Feed?

Client profile data can be migrated into Link2Feed from another system using the import feature. There is a cost to obtaining the Importer role - please contact your Implementation Specialist to learn more.

Is there barcode scanning?

Barcodes are scanned into the client profile to associate the barcode with the client. Barcodes can be scanned with a scanner gun or using a device camera. See User Manual page here. Visits can be easily recorded using the standard visit recording (See User Manual page here) or “Quick Click” feature (See User Manual Page here).

The Link2Feed system is designed for organizations to utilize their own barcodes to avoid the needs for printing. This gives flexibility for the desired barcode format (ex. key fobs) and enables re-use of existing ID cards.

What if a client doesn’t want to answer a required field?

For each question there is an option to select “Undisclosed.” For address, they have the option of selecting “No Fixed Address.”

Can I download a list of my clients?

For security purposes, the system does not have a downloadable list of clients that have been entered into the system. Any clients entered in the system are accessible via the Client Search function at any time.

The Visit Export provides a CSV file of all clients who have a service recorded.

Can the system flag duplicates?

Yes, when inputting new clients, the system will check to see if two out of the three duplicate criteria (first name, last name, date of birth) match any clients in the system. If there are matches, the system will make you review those before proceeding.


Can Link2Feed replace my paper TEFAP forms / Can Link2Feed manage electronic signatures?

TEFAP details can be managed under the TEFAP tab. See User Manual Page here.

Electronic signatures can be taken for TEFAP visits in several formats including typed signatures, touch screen signing, Scriptel signature pages and verbal signatures. See User Manual page here.

Paper forms are replaced by downloading the information into the Link2Feed Export for audits. See user manual page here.


What sorts of reports can I get out of Link2Feed?

This user manual page - - provides a full list of reports available and how they work. Note that your access to the different types of reports depends on which package you have.

How is data stored in Link2Feed?

The system uses the information in the household at the time of the visit for reporting and exporting. See more information here:


Can clients create their own profiles in Link2Feed?

Yes. The Premium and Elite small network packages include access to CNCT, L2F’s client self-enrollment tool. Clients can create a profile for their household, which will automatically migrate over to the Client Intake system. Clients can also log back in to make edits to their profiles and make appointments (if appointments are enabled).

Please talk to your Implementation Specialist if you are interested in using CNCT and it is not already part of your package.


Can I track my volunteers in Link2Feed?

The Elite small network package includes access to the InitLive volunteer management platform. See more info here: