How Do I Add Survey Questions?

If you haven't created a survey yet, please go to How Do I Add a Survey? to do so.

Step-by-Step Guide

Go to Surveys under the Administration heading.

Click the "Edit"  button beside the survey you want to add questions to, under the "Survey Configuration" section

Click on the "New Question" button to add a question

Enter your question in the "Content" area.

There are seven types of response types available:

  • Single Choice (Choose One): the user may only select one answer from the options provided
  • Multiple Choice (Choose All That Apply): the user may select any applicable answer from the options provided
  • Rating Scale: choose the minimum and maximum values, as well as the interval the numbers should go up (e.g. 1 to 5)
  • Likert Scale (Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree)
  • Simple Text 
  • Multi-Line Text
  • Yes or No

If you select a type that requires options, click on the "Add Option"  button 

  • Value: this is what will appear in reports and exports
  • Label: leave this blank if you want the same wording in reports and exports to appear in the survey. If you'd like to override this appearance, type in what you'd like it to say in the survey
  • Click on the "Delete"  button to remove an option you no longer want included

Click on the "Save" button to save your changes or "Cancel" to discard them. 


See below for an example of how to host multiple translations of a question and response: