How Do I Add a Survey?

This page describes only the beginning steps of creating a survey, including the title and introduction. Please read the other pages in the "Survey" section to get more information on details of how to add questions, select your target group and run your survey.

Step-by-Step Guide

Go to Surveys under the Administration heading.

Click on the "New Survey"  button within the Survey Configuration section.

New Survey 

  • Name: type in the title of your survey
  • Prompt: this is what the user should say when asking the client if they'd like to participate in the survey. It usually provides them with enough information to discern if they'd like to take the survey (e.g. how short it is, how it will benefit the client, etc.)
  • Introduction: this will show up underneath the title of the survey should the client agree to participate
  • Click on the "Save" button to save your changes or "Cancel" to discard them.