Step-by-Step Guide

The Recertification date will always appear at the top of the client's profile pages.

This date is based on the client's enrollment date. 

Recertification Options

When setting the certification/recertification period, you can select:

  • calendar month (e.g. every March)
  • # of months (e.g. every 2 years)
  • calendar month AND # of months(e.g. every 2 years in March)

When the client's recertification date is close, the system will create a forced review. please see "Last Profile Review" & "Complete Review Now" of what a Forced Review will look like. The client will also need to sign the recertification log.

To recertify the client, go to the CSFP tab of the client's profile and click on the "Recertify" button.

Another screen will appear to get the signature of the client.

When clicking on "View Signature" beside a certification/recertification, it will now show the disclaimer as well as the signature. 

Signature Type: Depending on the CSFP site and the type of signatures they allow to be collected, it can include "Typed Signature", "Sign on Screen" or "Hard Copy Signature", "Scriptel Signature Pad", "Verbal Consent"

Signatory: select who this signature belongs to (it could be one of the proxies)

Client Signature: the signatory's typed name

Date: the date will automatically be today's date

  • Click on the "Save"  button to save changes or "Cancel"  to discard the changes.

Certification Log