How Do I Create a CSFP Client List? (US Only)

This list creates a general list of client information, including their name, status and contact information.
This list includes all clients for sites the worker has access to when logged in at an agency

Network users will also be able to see inactive sites.

For a more detailed breakdown of the client's CSFP ID, ethnicity and kit size, along with the client's contact information, please see How Do I Create a CSFP Kit Issuance List? (US Only)

Step-by-Step Guide

The CSFP Client list will display a list of clients who have the same "Official Location" as the organization the user is logged into.

  1. Click on the "Clients" heading. Click on "CSFP Clients". 

Clients who don’t have all the required fields on the CSFP tab completed will not appear on the CSFP Client list.

      3. The list will automatically appear, but you can also filter by the following:

    • CSFP ID: the CSFP ID entered on the CSFP tab of the client's profile
    • First Name: first name of the client
    • Last Name: last name of the client
    • Status: the status of client
    • Status Change Date: the date the client's CSFP status was last changed
    • Official Location: the location selected on the client's CSFP tab of their profile
    • Phone Number: the phone number listed on the Personal page of the client's profile (if any)
    • Email: the email address listed on the Personal page of the client's profile (if any)

The CSFP Client list has tools available 

  • Copy: you can copy the table into another application
  • CSV: you can download the table into a csv file that can be opened in Microsoft Excel
  • Print View: you can view the table in a printer friendly mode and then print it directly from the program


Clicking on the phone number will generate a pop-up to allow you to launch an application letting you call your client directly from the computer.