CSFP Module

Background Information on the CSFP Client Intake Process

  1. A client registers for CSFP
  2. As part of the registration process they must “Certify” (i.e. sign to prove that their information is correct and that they are eligible) before they receive food
  3. They will then receive food 1/month through to the end of the 6th month after certification
  4. On the first of the following month after the 6 months is up, they must “recertify” (i.e. sign to prove that their information is STILL correct and that they are STILL eligible)
    • They will then receive food 1/month through to the end of the 6th month after recertification
  5. On the first of the following month after that 6 months is up, they must “recertify” again

Step-by-Step Guide


NOTE: Adding a CSFP Visit is only for this particular individual. This visit does not apply to other household members like in a general emergency food pantry visit. The CSFP Tab for the particular person receiving food needs to be filled out before recording a visit in their profile.

  1. Click on the "Services"  page within your client's profile. See How Do I Search for Clients? to learn how to find your client's file. 

  2. The "Eligible Programs" section in the Household Summary box at the top of the screen will indicate if the client is eligible to have a CSFP visit. 

  3. Click on the "New CSFP Visit"  button to add a visit. 


NOTE: if the client isn't eligible for a CSFP visit, this button will be greyed out and you will not be able to record a visit.

  • !!!: If the client has already picked up (or has a pending POS visit), there will be a red icon with "!!!" and a warning message that the client picked up in the calendar month

If a user is recording a visit at a location that is not the same as the client's CSFP official location (listed on the CSFP tab of their profile), a notification will appear.

This is letting the user know that this location isn't listed as the client's CSFP location. They can cancel (to go back and update the CSFP tab) or click on "Continue" will which direct them to the CSFP visit page.

  • Date: automatically set to the current date. This can be changed manually if the pick up or delivery date has passed. 
  • Quantity: enter how much food supplied was given out. This word can vary from "days", "lbs", "kgs", "money" "points", "hampers" or "items". 
  • Delivery: automatically set "No". This can be changed manually if the client's provisions are being delivered.

  •  Double Distribution: recording two visit with one entry; checking off this checkbox will allow you to record the client's current visit and another visit date exactly one month in the future


The following information can vary depending on each CSFP program.

Food/Items Provided: as mentioned on How Do I Add a Visit?, check off all food/items that apply or enter anything not mentioned in the text box under "Provide details of other Food Items supplied on this visit".

Client eSignature:

  • Signature Type: Depending on the CSFP site and the type of signatures they allow to be collected, it can include "Typed Signature", "Uploaded Image", "Sign on Screen", "Hard Copy Signature", "Verbal" or "Pre-Typed"
  • Signatory: select who this signature belongs to (it could be one of the proxies)
  • Client Signature: the signatory's typed name
  • Date: the date will automatically be today's date

Click on the "Save"  button to save changes or "Cancel"  to discard the changes.

Go to How Do I Add a Visit? to find other instructions on how to complete a visit.


You can find blue question marks at the top of certain sections. Clicking on it will provide more information on how to complete the area you are filling out.