School Pantry Tab

Step-by-Step Guide

If your organization is a school pantry, you will notice an additional tab in your client intake process other than those mentioned on the How Do I Add a New Client? page. 

The School tab can be found between Dietary Considerations and Services. Although your client may access a school pantry, if your organization isn't specifically that school pantry, you will not have access to view or edit this tab. 


Each child in the household will be listed with a dropdown list underneath it. This list will show individuals under the age of 19 (not including age 19).

You will be prompted to select the school each child attends. If you don't see any names on this tab or a dropdown list, it is because this household contains no children under 19. 

Once selected, there are additional fields you can add to be tracked on this tab.

Current Education: this is a customizable dropdown list of the grade the individual is in

School ID: this is a text field where you can enter the school ID of the student. You can also check off the box beside "Undisclosed" if it doesn't apply.

Documents Provided: this will display the list of School Pantry Documents you have made acceptable (See How Do I Add an Item to a List? for instructions on how to add options to this list).

Expiration Date: this is the date the document provided expires

Click on the "Save"  button to save changes or "Cancel"  to discard the changes.

Adding Feature

See How Do I Add an Organization? for instructions of where to find the option to track school documentation. You will also need to refer to How Do I Add an Item to a List? for instructions on how to add school pantry documents to the list.