Case Management Features

Open Client in View Mode

On each page of a client’s profile, you will see the option to “See Client in View Mode”. This will give you the opportunity to view all of this client’s information on one page. This is possible regardless of if the profile is not yet complete or has to be reviewed. This page includes household members, visits and notes made for the household.

Visits in View Mode

Notes in View Mode

There's a "Leave a Note" option in the Household Notes area. Any notes created here will automatically appear on the client's Notes page. Rules about private and alert notes also apply here.

"Close"/"Back" Button in View Mode

When in "View Mode" either on the client's profile or when comparing duplicates, there is a button in the right hand corner to take you back to the previous page. If comparing duplicates, it will say "Close Window", if viewing a client's profile, it will say "Back to Previous Page".

Visit History

In addition to the “Last Profile Review” date, the “Last Visit Date” appears underneath it. This will immediately let you know if (based on your food bank's rules) a client is eligible to return for a visit without going to the Services page.

Last Visit date: this only includes pantry/food bank (including CSFP & TEFAP) programs. This is not including generic programs.

Complete Client Profile Review Now

When a client's profile review is scheduled for within 90 days, the "Next Profile Review" notification will turn yellow. When it's down to 30 days, it will turn red and shake on the screen. To complete the client's profile review before the scheduled date, you can now click on the "Complete Review Now" button. This will allow you to do the review with the client if they happen to come into the food bank close to that date.

When accessing an individual’s profile, if you are not viewing the primary client, a link will show at the top of each client intake page to allow you to switch to view the primary client’s profile.

In the example below, Grandma Case is not the primary client. Clicking on the blue bar, “Click here to switch to the primary client of this household”, will re-direct to the primary client’s profile.

Household Members

Household Members Display Changes

There is an icon in between the “Edit” and “Remove” button beside each household member’s name on the bottom of the Personal page. In the example below, clicking on the “Switch” button will allow you to switch to view Test Case's entire profile. 

Moving a Household Member

Link2Feed has the option to move an individual from one household to another. If you are attempting to add a client into a household, but they are already in the system with another household, you can move them. This move will include all of their client information. A notification will show on the Services page the date of that client’s last visit in their previous household.