CSFP Delivery Route

Please keep in mind that the current capacity when optimizing a route is limited to 25 clients per route. If using that option, you may want to split up this route into different ones so that each one can be optimized separately.

For all organizations with a CSFP program enabled who use the delivery feature, delivery route will be created at each agency based on the clients that were assigned to that "Location".

The groups will be called "Automated CSFP Group- Location: [Name of location]". The groups will be updated in real-time based on any changes to that client's "Location". Any new clients added to that location will also automatically be added. Users will NOT be able to add their own clients to these groups as they are based on settings in the system.

  • Clients with their CSFP status set as "Denied" or "Inactive", “None” or "Closed" will not appear on this list.

  • “Not Certified” will be listed in the “Next Recertification” column for clients who don’t have a certification/recertification entry on their CSFP tab.