How Do I Set Up the Automatic Appointment Status Change Feature?

Network Setting

Network Administrators will need to contact Link2Feed Support to request this setting to be enabled in the back end before they can see this option at the agency level.

Each organization that wants to set up automatic status change for their appointment program(s) needs to have this enabled in the agency intake organization profile.

  1. Click on the "Administration" heading. Click on "Organizations".
  2. Click on the orange "edit" button beside the agency you want to add this option to.

Click on the "Profile" tab and then "Intake Organization Profile". Click on "Edit Organization" on the right side.

Hours of Operation

There's a checkbox under the "Hours of Operation" section called "Track Automatic Appointment Status Change"


When checked off, a text box will appear asking the user to put in a number. This number represents how many days after an appointment's pickup date should a "Pending" status be set to "Not Collected". 

Pending and Not Collected represent the PARENT TYPES of the status, not the label name. After the number of days indicated, the system will look at all appointments that have a status with the "Pending" PARENT TYPE and will change it to the status with the "Not Collected" PARENT TYPE.

If your appointment status list has more than one status with those parent types, it will use the first status listed alphabetically.

Click on "Save"  to save your changes or "Cancel"  to discard them.