How Do I Reply to or Forward a Message?

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Go to your Messages inbox by 
    1. Clicking on the "Envelope"  icon on the top right hand side of the screen
    2. Clicking on the "Envelope" icon at the top of the sidebar, underneath the date 
    3. Clicking on the "Messages" heading on the sidebar 

  2. Open the message by clicking on the "open folder"  icon

To Reply

  1. To reply to a message, click on the "Reply" (right facing arrow)  button. It will default the recipient as the person who sent the message to you. To forward a message, click on the small downward facing arrow beside the "Reply" button. Click on the "Forward" button. 
  • You can add recipients by clicking on the box below "Recipients" and choosing your recipient from the drop-down list of users and organizations. You can also choose recipients by typing their name and either clicking on it or typing the "Enter" key when it appears. 
  • You can send the message as is, or add to your message by typing in the text box below the "Message" header.
  • Click on the "Send"  button to send the message or "Cancel"  to return to your inbox.