How Do I Create a Client Notes Review?

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Click on the "Clients" heading. Click on "Client Notes Review". 

  1. Choose your filter(s):
    1. Organizations: choose which organization you want to view notes from
    2. Start Date/End Date: the date range of when the notes were written
    3. Keywords: enter a particular keyword you're searching for
  2. Click on the "Filter"  button to generate the list.

  3. The list will indicate who wrote the note and when, as well as the name of the client that the note is about.

There are also tools available.

  • Copy: this copies the table
  • CSV: this exports the table into a CSV file, generally viewed with Microsoft Excel
  • PDF: this exports the table into a PDF
  • Print: this presents a printer-friendly version of the table (press "Esc" on your keyboard to return to the report)

90 Days

The system will only allow you to generate this list within a 90 day period. If you select a longer duration, it will automatically set the "End Date" to 90 days after the "Start Date". This prevents the system speed from being affected.